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Complete the following steps, and when finished fax to Five64 at (214) 295-9793 so we can setup your account.

If you have questions, please email, or call (214) 505-8847.


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  • Accept Terms and Conditions
  • Confirmation

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Agree to Fees


Mark the checkbox, that says “I agree to the Fees shown below.”.

Then, select the NEXT BUTTON at the bottom of the Page




Home-State Transactions - Includes Fee Calculations and Forms $5.00
Interstate Transactions Cost per transaction - Fee Calculation $9.50
Interstate Transactions Cost per transaction - Print Forms $39.00


Full Service

For Dealers that need help – add $78.50
Total Cost for Full Service ($9.50 + $39.00 + $78.50 = $127.00)




Five64 Interstate and State
Title and Registration Program


I hereby agree to pay Five64, LLC, (“Service Provider"), for services rendered by the Service Provider to the undersigned Dealer. Furthermore, by signing this agreement I hereby agree to the Standard Terms and Conditions and Policies posted on the Five64 Website, which shall govern any and all transactions and services between you and Service Provider.


Outline of Service Provider’s Web Services

  • Secure User login & password to access
  • Use of Service Provider’s web (“Web Site"), is for aiding and facilitating your vehicle titling and registration process. Your Credit Card will be billed as described below:

    Setup and Monthly Fees are due when you agree below. Monthly Fees are paid at the first of the Month, if you start after the 1st of the Month the 2nd Monthly Fee is prorated so all future monthly Fees are charged the 1st of the Month. You also have the option to pay the Monthly Fee for the entire year and receive 3 months free, reducing your upfront cost. Transaction fees are paid weekly, the billing cycle starts on Monday of each week, and ends on Sunday.

  • Dealer agrees, by their signature below that the term of this Agreement is month to month starting from the date of execution below as authorized by the Dealer Representative.


Please attach any of the following file formats PDF, JPEG, TIF, PNG, DOC, DOCX up to 4MB.

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